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Pro Educator

The Pro Educator is the teacher who has administrative control over the Single Educator License. There can only be one Pro Educator for this type of license. This person creates, manages, removes, and deletes the student accounts. Pro Educators are automatically and irrevocably made editors of all student-created content.

Pro Educators are part of the Ed.VoiceThread network, which is a secure collaborative space for K-12 students and educators.


Students have accounts that are part of your license and are members of Ed.VoiceThread. Students can easily create VoiceThreads and share them with one another in a secure environment. The Pro Educator manages these accounts, meaning he or she can change a student’s account information or even delete the account. The Pro Educator is automatically and irrevocably made a editor for all student work, so that person can help edit and moderate their VoiceThreads.